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Institute of Career Development has been working with adult learners, who want to excel in their fields, since its birth in 2008. It is for the fact that we provide quality education that we have been able to obtain myriad affiliations with well reputed organizations. We are working with individuals as well as time-honored
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What real people say about ICD


Imran Khan

ELT trainer, Saudia

We had access to everything books, photocopiers and computers. I like the idea of kitchen we could sit and eat our lunch. That was 1st sessions of CELTA, it seemed things were well planned. I was thinking about the 1st day of the course, sweating, nervous and uncertain but in the end, I got succeeded. The course was amazing, the tutors were very humble and trainees were awesome. I think without them, I could not complete CELTA. I think support is a key to swim through it.


Arfan Malik

Lecturer in Dammam, Saudia Great job of ICD for this. They have facilitated us according to our needs and helped us very much. The tutors were very cooperative and lovely. They helped and guided us a lot during the whole course. CELTA course is so demanding and challenging, we have learned a lot over here.

Hina Tehman

Speaking Examiner and School coordinator, Pakistan An interesting life changing experience where we learnt every second with help of our amazing tutors.  

Muhammad Babar Qureshi

University Lecturer in Saudia

The institute provided us all the possible facilities to us. All the technical and feasible support was readily available. The venue staff was really very cooperative. All power supply was continuously available. That was a blessing. The commitment of Dr Qureshi and Ms Hareem was very high to give us all the possible facilities in every possible way.  CELTA is the most dynamic course and I have learnt so much and so many things in a short period of time. The course made me work day and night and I did. It transformed me from a common English Language teacher to a certified teacher of English language.


Maryam Imtiaz Qureshi

Speaking Examiner and ELT trainer in Saudia Center is well equipped with almost all the things that we might need during the course. People at the centre were also very helpful and real quick in responding to our needs and demands. The best part of the course is that it develop very logically and step-wise. We had great experience of learning with people from different back grounds. Our tutors were fantastic. I have learnt a lot in terms of lesson planning, setting up the activities, monitoring, fdbk stages and most importantly, I have been motivated to look for continuous professional improvement.

Saadia Anwar

Vice principal, Pakistan

The course is an amazing teaching course, the best thing was that these techniques can be used to teach other subjects and variable age groups. It has definitely opened my eyes to student-centered learning to the itty-bitty of the English Language. The tutors made it fun to do and kept us calm because there is definitely heavy pressure during the course. If it wasn’t so expensive I would suggest everyone do it


Amina Kamal

Cambridge Teacher Trainer , Pakistan

It was once in a life time experience. I know that it would be something out of this world and I used to think that I am pretty good teacher, but when I started, CELTA totally burst my bubbles. I realised that I have to unlearn the things that I already know. I have to learn so much, before I can even consider myself to be a good teacher. CELTA has given me this base that I would have gotten elsewhere ever.


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