ICD offers Online Mock Tests

Just like the real test. Timed the same and scored the same!

If you want to study abroad and prepare for English Test then Appear in the Mock test to know where you stand before the actual test and prepare better and score bigger. The Mock Test was designed by our expert teachers. It looks the same, is timed in the same way, and is scored in the same way as the real test. In addition to providing you with exam simulation, it will also provide you with a snapshot of your results with detailed feedback on each task.

Mock tests work by simulating a real test or examination, but without the same level of pressure and consequences. The goal of a mock test is to allow test-takers to practice answering questions and familiarize themselves with the test format, which can help reduce anxiety and improve performance when taking the actual test.

Benefits of Mock Test

Instant Result
Real Time on computer Based at home test having 2.5 hours Duration
Know where you stand in your preparation
Detailed Feedback from Expert Teachers

Helps assess knowledge:

Mock tests help assess the knowledge and understanding of test-takers on a specific topic. This can help identify areas where the test-taker may need to improve and focus their learning.

Builds confidence:

Taking mock tests can help build confidence in test-takers by allowing them to practice answering questions and familiarizing themselves with the test format. This can reduce anxiety and stress when taking the actual test.

Improves retention: 

Mock tests help improve retention by reinforcing key concepts and ideas. By taking the test multiple times, test-takers are more likely to remember the information and be able to apply it in real-life situations.

Provides feedback:

Mock tests provide instant feedback to test-takers on their performance, allowing them to see where they need to improve and what they are doing well. This can help them focus their learning and make necessary adjustments.

Identifies knowledge gaps:

Mock tests can identify knowledge gaps in test-takers, helping them to better understand what they need to learn and where to focus their efforts.

How mock tests help students

Mock tests can be motivating for students, as they can see their progress over time and feel a sense of accomplishment when they see improvements in their scores.

Time Management:

Mock tests provide an opportunity for students to practice their time management skills, and learn how to allocate their time wisely during actual tests.

Identification of Weaknesses:

By taking a mock test, students can identify their areas of weakness, and focus their study efforts accordingly. This can lead to better performance on actual tests.


Mock tests allow students to practice their skills and become familiar with the format and structure of actual tests. This helps to reduce test anxiety and build confidence.

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