Cambridge Assessment English is now offering Online English Test named as Linguaskill. It is a quick and convenient online test that helps to check the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates. You can give your Linguaskill exam for skills of your choice: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Test can assess student’s language proficiency up to C1 level – equivalent to 8 bands in IELTS.

Test dates and Location:

Linguaskill exam can be taken at any time, for all the components at your own pace using your own computer, internet connection, a microphone and headphones. A secure Cambridge English Test Portal is used to administer the test simply and conveniently.

Test Registration:

Book your test now at this . You can also register for one, two or three skills of your own choice. Each test is booked separately. For Linguaskill Speaking, you need to register at least 3 days before the required test date. The other components Reading, Listening and Writing can be registered and taken at any time.

Test Fee:


Pay us Online via credit or debit card / bank transfer in GBP account or PKR account of ICD.

Test Results:

The test provides accurate and instant results within 48 hours, and can be taken at any time that suits you. Results are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR): the international standard for describing language ability.

Download Sample Test Report here

Test Preparation:

Face to Face classesOnline preparations
ICD provides you preparation classes that are customized according to your proficiency level and helps you score the best in Linguaskill.Free Online Linguaskill practice tests for Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking can be found here:

Latest Updates:

A number of Ireland universities are accepting Linguaskill exam as requirement of English Language Proficiency such as Griffith University Ireland, Dublin Business School Ireland, Dorset College and Limerick Institute of Technology.

This Test is suitable for:
Anyone who wants to know his CEFR level of proficiency or Cambridge level in English language can give this test.

  • Students can appear in this test before investing in IELTS / TOEFL test fee, to check their proficiency level.
  • Students who want to apply without IELTS or those who want to get admission locally in any university can appear in this test and provide the result as a proof of their language proficiency.
  • Anyone who want to apply for jobs locally / abroad and wants to have a certification in English proficiency can take an attempt of this test.

Testing Formats and task types:

SkillsTest DurationTasks
Reading and Listening60 – 85 minutesReading tasks:

  • Read and select
  • Gapped sentences
  • Multiple-choice gap filled
  • One gap fill
  • Extended reading

Listening tasks:

  • Listen and select
  • Extended listening
Writing45 minutes (2 parts)Part 1:
The candidate will be asked to write about 50 words
Type: Email
Part 2:
The candidate will be asked to write about 180 words
Type: Letter / Report
Speaking15 minutes (5 parts)Part 1:
Interview (candidate answers 8 questions)
Part 2:
Reading aloud (candidate reads 8 sentences aloud)
Part 3:
Long turn 1 (candidate is given a topic to talk about 1 min)
Part 4:
Long turn 2

Test Day Information:

1. You must have your laptop, headphones, microphone and good Internet Connection.
2. Go to Cambridge English Test Center Portal.

3. Add Login code provided by the Test Center, for each component
4. These login codes can only be used one time and will expire after the given time period.
5. You will get the results within 48 hours.

Frequently asked Questions:

Answer: Anyone who wants to know his CEFR level of English Language proficiency can give this test. Also those students who are going to appear in English Language Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL ,CAE can know their level of English proficiency before taking the actual exam.

Answer: There are four skills to be tested:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

All Linguaskill modules exam can be taken using your own laptop and computers.

Answer: Yes, you can take exam of any component of your own choice out of four skills i-e reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Answer: Payment can be done online. If in case you are not able to do online payment, you can always visit your nearest ICD centre. ICD staff is always there to help you.

Answer: Yes, you can always book a test again if you want to.

Answer: Linguaskill exam can be taken at any time.