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is an authorized test center for Occupational English Test
ICD is now OET Preliminary Preparation Provider

OET is a healthcare-specific English language test. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals looking to register and practice in an English- speaking environment. It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.

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OET helps candidates reach their potential. Discover career advice, resources and study materials to support the next step in your career.

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Your Life:

OET supports you achieving your goals. Whether you are seeking a new career path, migrating to another country or looking to demonstrate your English skills; OET is recognized internationally.

Test Day Instructions:

  • As part of the application process, you will be asked to acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted to be bound by the OET Test Regulations.
  • Kindly read Test Day instructions at before you come for test
  • Before you come along on test day, it’s important to know if the items you bring will be allowed into the test venue.
    • You must arrive at the venue in accordance with the timetable specified by your test venue. The venue will inform you of test times via a timetable that will be emailed to you.
    • You will receive your OET timetable no later than 72 hours before your test day.
    • If you arrive late for test day registration, you may not be permitted to sit the test.
    • If you are not in the test room prior to the start of the test you will not be allowed to take the test.
    • Only a candidate can attend the test, no relatives (including children) or friends are allowed.
    • If you do not feel well on the test day or think that your work may be affected for any reason, tell the venue staff immediately and complete a Test Day Withdrawal/Deferral form if required. You will not be eligible to cancel or defer after you have started the test.
Mandatory Instructions:

You’re not allowed to bring in exam room following items :

  1. Any paper
  2. Writing materials (e.g., pens, pencils, or highlighters) – Test Centre will provide stationary
  3. Correction fluid or tape
  4. Bags, notes or study materials
  5. Dictionaries or thesauruses
  6. Jewellery
  7. Electronic items such as phones, headsets, MP3 players, cameras, and watches.
  8. MP3 players
  9. Watches
  10. Mobile phones
  11. Tablets
  12. Camera
  13. Bags 
  14. Heavy Jackets etc.

We recommend taking a bag with you so you can keep your phone and other restricted items together while you take the test.


You will be provided individual locker to store your personal belongings before you allowed to enter exam room. Locker key will be remain with you till end of all exam sessions. You can access locker only during break between Written Sub Tests and Speaking Tests.  

For a full list of items and documentation you can and cannot take into the test room, make sure you read the OET Test Regulations.

You can bring:

  • Bring the valid ID you used to book exam with ( Passport or CNIC ) – Original &  VALID ID document is required. You will not be allowed to sit for test without ID document which you uploaded at myOET when booking for exam  Incorrect or alternative ID documentation will not be accepted, you will not be able to take the test and you may not be entitled to a transfer or refund.
  • Bring your test venue confirmation number.
  • Face Mask
  • Drink Water bottle  You may bring a clear drink bottle with no label on it. Fuzzy drinks, Juices, snacks, will not be allowed and you can store these in your locker.

Candidates with special considerations

Candidates who have pre-existing medical conditions which may impact OET Exam must  see  and apply in advance using this form

Headphones for Listening Module

Headphones are provided for listening module

In Lahore and Faisalabad test centers

Test Result

You will receive a Statement of Results which shows your score for each of the four sub-tests, on a scale from 0 to 500. Each of the four sub-tests is assessed in a specific way. Results are generally released 12 business days after the test, as per the OET results release schedule.
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