(offered at Lahore campus only)

DurationFeeModeAwarding bodyAssessmentStart Date
4 Weeks£ 1500Face to faceCambridge Assessment English-4 Written assignments

-6 hrs of assessed teaching practice

1st June, 2020 – 26th June, 2020
30th June, 2020 – 25th July, 2020

About the course

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) by Cambridge Assessment English is the most widely accepted and internationally recognized training program that has been running for over four decadesCELTA is the most sought after certificate for teaching jobs and opens the doors of opportunities all over the world. Every year over 10,000 people take a CELTA course.

Who is this course for?

CELTA is an ideal course for people applying for a teaching job abroad. Many highly paid teacher trainer and academic coordinator jobs in Pakistan demand a CELTA. Recent graduates, people changing career, and teachers who want a formal English language teaching qualification and want to pursue a higher level qualification like Delta may apply.

Course Requirements:

Candidates should be:

  • At least 20 years of age
  • C1 level or above in English i.e. proficient users of English
  • Having a teaching aptitude
  • Dedicated, passionate and motivated individuals

All candidates have to pass ICD’s rigorous admission process which will include Language Proficiency test and a mandatory interview (subject to passing the pre-interview task).

Admission Process:

Step 1: Submit your application by filling out the ICD application form.

The application form includes a personal statement of 150-250 words. Please note that any plagiarism detected in the personal statement may result in the rejection of the application.

Step 2: Pay the Admission Processing Fee (£25).

Step 3: Shot-listed applicants appear in the admission test. This can be online.

The following students will be exempted from the admission test, going directly to Stage 4:

  • Students with a valid IELTS score of 7.5 bands or above
  • Students with a valid TOEFL score of 102 or above (Also offered at ICD centers )
  • Students with a C1 level in Cambridge English Advanced exam (Also offered at ICD centers )
  • Students with a valid 73 score of Pearson Test of English Academic or above

Step 4: Submit the pre-interview task by allocated deadline. (Provided to the applicants who successfully clear Step 3 via email).

Step 5: Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview.

Step 6: Submit a deposit of £500 within 2 weeks of receiving an offer letter. (This may change for those applying closer to the course date).

Step 7: Submit the remaining £1000 at least 4 weeks before the course start date.

Please note that there are limited seats on the course. Admission interviews will be conducted on first come basis and only the initial candidates qualifying for the course will be registered.

The application process may take up to 4 weeks, so please be patient!

Each step has a different passing criteria. The admission committee holds the right to reject an application at any stage. The committee is not liable to inform the applicant of the reasons for rejection. The decision of the committee is final.

ICD offers a pre-CELTA course to help applicants prepare for the course. Contact ICD for further details of the course.

What will you learn?

During the course you will cover the following areas. Each input session is designed in such a way that you will receive both the required theory and practical ideas to take with you into the classroom.

Productive skills Speaking and writing skills
Receptive skills Reading and listening skills
Phonology The phonemic chart, sentence stress, word stress, drilling techniques, features of connected speech
Vocabulary / lexis What it means to “know” a word, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms, lexical sets, etc.
Language analysis / grammar How to dissect language for in-class presentation
Lesson planning Planning a lesson, planning a series of lessons
Teaching basic literacy Basic needs of the literacy learner
Materials design / evaluation Using and evaluating authentic and published materials
Teaching methodology PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production), TTT (Test, Teach, Test), presenting language through a text (Guided Discovery)
Features of teaching ESOL Differentiation, teacher roles and responsibilities, testing & exams

CELTA gives you:

  • Practical English Language Teaching Knowledge.
  • Real-time Classroom experience and hands-on teaching experience.
  • Ability to take on teaching challenges confidently.
  • Skills required for teaching jobs anywhere in the world.
  • Tools to continue developing your skills as an EFL/ESL teacher.

Recommended resource Material:

You are recommended to read the following reference books for the course:

Teaching Methodology:

1- Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener- Macmillan.

2- How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer- Longman ELT.

Speaking Skills

3- Keep Talking by Friederike Klippel and Michael Swan- Cambridge University Press.

Grammar Reference

4- Practical English Usage by Michael Swan- Oxford University Press.

5- Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott- Cambridge University Press.

Writing Skills

6- Writing Games by J. Hadfield-Pearson Education Ltd.

Reading Skills

7- Reading Games by J. Hadfield- Pearson ELT.


8- English Pronunciation In Use by Jonathan Marks– Cambridge University Press.


9- English Vocabulary In Use (Elem – Advanced) by Michael McCarthy – Cambridge University Press).

Classroom Activities

10- Reward Teacher’s Resource Pack by Susan Kay- Longman


Awarding Body:

After successful completion of the course you will get a certificate from Cambridge Assessment English at the levels of Pass A, Pass B or Pass.

About Cambridge:

Cambridge Assessment English is part of University of Cambridge (UK). It is ranked amongst the top 10 universities of the world as per QS World Ranking – followed by HEC Pakistan and International education community.

Our Tutors:


Missy Blanchard:

Missy has been a freelance CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) Trainer and Assessor for Cambridge University. She has travelled, trained and assessed CELTA courses in over sixty countries. She is currently assembling a collection of teacher’s training sessions that have been delivered to over 500 teachers, a project of UNICEF who teaches Syrian refugee children in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Lebanon.
An expert in a variety of Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Bringing Textbook Activities to Life, Task Based Learning, Implementing Guided Discovery, Life Skills and Presentation Skills.

Jackie Hadel:

She has been working in ILA Vietnam as ESL/EFL Instructor and Recource Material Developer. A CELTA trainer who has delivered multiple teacher training courses around the world administered to the highest standards. She has worked in over 20 countries from Japan to Lebanon to Venezuela.

An expert in a variety of Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Bringing Textbook Activities to Life, Task Based Learning, Implementing Guided Discovery, Life Skills and Presentation Skills.

Svitlana Bulkina:

Svitlana is the Director of Teacher Training as well as a full-time teacher trainer at Grade Education Centre. She has delivered CELTA trainings all over the world (the U.S., Europe, Thailand). She has taught general, business and academic English to students of different ages in mono- and multi-lingual classes. She has also taught TOEFL and Cambridge examination classes around the world. Svitlana has worked in over 40 countries including, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Thailand and the U.S.

An expert in a variety of Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Bringing Textbook Activities to Life, Task Based Learning, Implementing Guided Discovery, Life Skills and Presentation Skills.

Esther K. Ibrahim:

Esther K. Ibrahim has been in the field of ESL/EFL for over two decades. She is a CELTA trainer as well as an IELTS examiner and an IB trainer and exam developer. She has great expertise in language assessment and materials development and has worked in over 20 countries.

An expert in a variety of Professional Development Workshops on topics such as Bringing Textbook Activities to Life, Task Based Learning, Implementing Guided Discovery, Life Skills and Presentation Skills.

Anna Hasper:

Anna is the Director and Academic Manager at Teacher Train Ltd.  Apart from working globally as CELTA trainer and Assessor, Anna has been supporting Russian Language teachers in Kazakhstan where she acted as Education Reform Consultant and Author Trainer.

Hareem Arif:

Executive Director and DELTA qualified Teacher Trainer.

Ms. Hareem Arif is a CELTA and DELTA qualified CELTA tutor. With a Level 7 from University of Cambridge in hand, Ms. Hareem Arif is now enrolled in M.Phil in TESL at BNU, Lahore.
She has been working as the Team Leader for Cambridge English Exams in Pakistan since 2013. She has been approved and certified as the lead trainer for all levels of Cambridge English. She is the Course Administrator for the Teaching Qualifications offered by Cambridge Assessment English in Pakistan and Propell® Trainer for TOEFL iBT ® Educational Testing Services, USA. She has also worked with government institutions like HEC, PHEC and Higher Education Department Punjab as well as in corporate sector with organizations like U’Fone, PTCL, The Nation and Fatima Memorial Hospital etc.

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