Employment / Work Visa Option in Canada

In Agreement with NZH Consulting Canada, ICD is now assisting qualified Pakistani professionals to search, secure job position in Canada and then process their work visa. If candidate is married, his /her spouse can get open work permit as per Canadian immigration policy.

Step by Step process for getting Canadian work permit will be as follows.

  1. See and review the job openings available at our web site icd.org.pk/immigration If you fit in any one category you can proceed
  2. Kindly submit your
  • CV with picture
  • contact details
  • work experience details
  • copies of education credentials
  • Three verifiable work references with contact details.
  • Other supporting documents

Kindly submit all at www.icd.org.pk/immigration or in case of file size more than 5MB upload at Google Drive and share with us link. You can also send all docs in hard copy via courier to ICD Lahore Center

For any query or to apply online for work visa fill this form

  • Video Clip

Also submit 2-3 minute of video clip recorded while applicant is working. For example, if someone is applying for carpenter work permit, he / she must submit a 2-3-minute video clip while he / she is working with wood making wooden items. You can submit more than one video clip or longer duration clip if you want to. This clip should be an original without any editing etc. Name the video clip file with your name and submit with ICD via sending us a link to download, CD / Flash drive sent by Courier to ICD Lahore Center.

3- ICD will review all docs submitted by applicant and review the video clip as well. At this stage a short interview (face to face or on phone) will be done as well.

4- ICD will verify all educational credentials, work references

5- If candidate passed the ICD review, his/ her CV must be converted to Canadian style in order to be acceptable to Canadian employer. Candidate will be required to pay fee of USD 200 non-refundable to get his / her CV & docs converted to Canadian style. This fee does not guarantee job offer (candidate will need to sign document to confirm acknowledgement of this)

6- We will get feedback within 1 to 2 weeks’ time regarding outcome of C

7- At this stage a final interview / call with Canadian employer may be required which will be arranged by ICD

8- If candidate is selected, an offer letter generated and copy will be provided to candidate

9- Next process will be to Engage with ICD contracted lawyer to start work visa process (approx. up to 4 months)

10- If client requires further info., will provide & if client request to interview, will facilitate

11- Offer stage, if hired, offer letter generated

12- Engage with lawyer to start work visa process (up to 4 months )

13- Lawyer fee will be $3,000 USD (dependent fees separate), unless otherwise discussed. If the candidate is married, their spouse can apply for an Open Work Permit, which will be at an added fee $2,500 USD

14- Canadian Govt fee in all process will be C$155 for work permit / C$255 for open spousal work permit. Govt fee can be changed any time and current fee schedule should be checked at Canadian web site.



  • Candidate may not be required to have Educational qualifications or English Language Test results as per job requirement
  • Candidate must have knowledge and understanding of costs and time involved for the whole process.
  • Currently Canadian Work permits are taking approximately up to 4 months (depending on country of nationality), but this also depends on when the candidate can obtain biometrics and whether biometric centers are open in the home country. The Labor Market Impact Assessment processing time depends on the job. Some take as little as 2 weeks and others 6 weeks for approval. 

Fee Schedule to be paid to ICD


Item Amount in USD/ C$ Remarks
CV writing and converting appl. To Canadian style USD 200 Nonrefundable fee
Work Permit processing fee of Canadian Immigration lawyer USD 3000 If the candidate is married, their spouse can apply for an Open Work Permit, which will be at an added fee $2,500 USD 


Canadian Govt fee for Work permit C$ 155 C$ 255 for spouse open work permit

Check current fee at Canadian web site


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