Terms & Conditions

1.       I must bring original passport If I do not bring original Passport ; my exam will be cancelled and no refund will be made nor the date be postponed. Some exams accept CNIC as well.

2.       No mobile phones /electronic devices are allowed in exam room

3.       In case of withdrawal of the test the refund policy is as follows a) 100% refund before deadline b)  No refund after deadline

4.       In case of late registration (up to 5 days after deadline) a late fee of Rs. 1000, other than the normal charges will apply

5.       Speaking test may or may not be on the same day as the Reading, Writing and Listening tests. Please note that.

6.       Test taker need to abide by the timings on all test dates. In case he/she arrives late, or do not appear his.her test may be cancelled without any refund

7.       ICD reserve the right to cancel or defer the test if required number of test takers would not be registered.

8.       Test Taker agree for test day photo to be held on the secure Cambridge English Language Assessment Results Verification site and viewed as set out below. Photo can be used for promotional purposes with test taker consent.

9.       Test Taker declare that he/she is aware of and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions for this exam.

10.   In case of malpractice, test taker result can be withheld or one can be expelled from test center. No fee is refundable in that case.