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Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

Test Dates & Location:

Test Dates:


Test Month Exam Date Registration Deadline Result Date
January Jan 11 (Sat) Dec 13, 2019 Feb 18
February Feb 9 (Sun) Jan 11 Mar 9
March Mar 21 (Sat) Feb 21 Apr 21
April Apr 11 (Sat) Mar 13 May 11
May May 9 (Sat) Apr 10 June 9
June June 14 (Sun) May 16 July 14
July July 12 (Sun) June 13 Aug 12
August Aug 23 (Sun) July 24 Sept 23
September Sept 19 (Sat) Aug 21 Oct 26
October Oct 17 (Sat) Sept 18 Nov 17
November Nov 21 (Sat) Oct 23 Dec 21
December Dec 6 (Sun) Nov 7 Jan 6, 2021

ICD Centres conducting HSK tests:

Note: Not all exams are conducted at ICD Centers Lahore and Islamabad. Kindly contact us to reconfirm available open date and venue.

Test Registration & Fee:

For registration, fill out this .
Please note that you are required to upload your ID document (Valid CNIC / Passport ) , a passport size picture and fee receipt.

Test fees:

HSK Level Vocabulary Chinese Language Proficiency Scale CEFR Test duration
*Test Fee in PKR
HSK (Level IV) 1200 Level IV B2 105 Rs. 3,500
HSK (Level III) 600 Level III B1 90 Rs. 3,500
HSK (Level II) 300 Level II A2 55 Rs. 1,600
HSK (Level I) 150 Level I A1 40 Rs. 1,600

*Test fee can be revised without prior notice and may differ center to center so contact us for current fee. If payment is being made online by credit / debit card add 2% bank charges when paying. In case of bulk group booking, contact nearest ICD Center for possible discount.

Test Results:

Results are announced online within 4 weeks. Test takers will receive the result certificates for their HSK exam issued by Hanban after 6 weeks from the exam date.

Test Preparation:

Face to Face Some of ICD Centres offer face to face classes. Kindly contact nearest centre to check what support they offer.
Online preparation · You can purchase HSK Online preparation web portal that can help students to prepare for HSK exams at their own pace and are suitable for those who don’t have time to attend face to face classes.
· Cost= PKR 8000 · To place your order, fill out this
Buy books

HSK Preparatory Books with Audio is available at ICD.

HSK – Level 1 – Rs. 2500

HSK – Level 2 – Rs. 2500

HSK – Level 3 – Rs. 2500

HSK – Level 4 – Rs. 5000

Place your

Latest Information:

HSK Testing Level Contents # of
Level 1
Listening Comprehension 20 40 15 40*
Reading Comprehension 20 15
Level 2
Listening Comprehension 35 60 25 55*
Reading Comprehension 25 20
Level 3
Listening Comprehension 40 80 35 90*
Reading Comprehension 30 25
Writing 10 15
Level 4
Listening Comprehension 45 100 30 105*
Reading Comprehension 40 40
Writing 15 40

Test Day Information:

Candidates must adhere following before Exam:

  • Candidate must reach test centre 20-30 minutes before the starting time.
  • Candidates are required to bring their CNIC card or Passport, or they won’t be allowed to take test.
  • No edible is allowed within test centre.
  • Candidates aren’t allowed to bring cell phone, any electronic devices and bags in the test centre.
  • Stationary and pages will be provided by the institute to perform the exam.

Support for Teachers:

If you are a Chinese Teacher in a Language Institute, looking to book a group of students can contact ICD center for possible discounts.

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