CELT-P/S (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary/Secondary)

Duration Fee Mode Awarding body Assessment Course Start Date
5- 6 Months

120 credit hours

£800 Online

Face to face

Blended Learning

Cambridge Assessment English
  • Progress tests(online) and practical tasks throughout the course
  • Assessed Teaching Practices
  • Written assessment.
August to September 2021 session

About the course:

CELT–P: Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary

CELT-S: Certificate in English Language Teaching – Secondary

It’s a practical English teaching qualification that gives teachers the relevant skills to get the best from learners. The practical component helps provide hands-on experience to the participants.

The course helps teachers to create strategies for the key challenges of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in a secondary school context, such as classroom management with large classes and motivating learners.

Teachers build on their teaching knowledge and skills, through a combination of online study and observed teaching practice with an approved trainer.

Who is this course for?

CELT P/S is an ideal course for people applying for a teaching job in non-native countries, especially places like Middle East and Turkey.

CELT S is especially helpful for teachers who want to teach English to O/A level classes or GCSE students. Those teaching English to early years at a university may also apply.

CELT P is useful for English language teachers for young learners.

Course Requirements:

Candidates should have:

  • At least 14 years of education
  • C1 level or above in English i.e. proficient users of English
  • Teaching aptitude

Admission Process:

Step 1: Submit your application by filling out the ICD application form. Short listed applicants will be contacted by our registration team

Step 2: Pay the Admission and Registration Fee. Note that this needs to be uploaded in the application form.

Step 3: Participants complete the pre-course task.

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Please note that the remaining fee is payable in up to 6 installments as per the convenience of the course participant.

What will you learn?

The modules have a practical, communicative focus on teachers with large classes in primary/Secondary school contexts.

CELT-S Modules

CELT-P Modules

Module 1 – Classroom management in the secondary classroom

Module 2 – Language learning and the teenage learner

Module 3 – Teaching language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in the secondary classroom

Module 4 – Language awareness for teaching

Module 5 – Teaching language (grammar, lexis and phonology) in the secondary classroom

Module 6 – Planning language learning (lessons and courses) in the secondary classroom

Module 7 – Language learning resources and materials for the secondary classroom

Module 8 – Assessing language learning in the secondary context


Module 1 – The young learner, language and the primary classroom

Module 2 – Developing listening and speaking skills in the primary classroom

Module 3 – Developing reading and writing skills in the primary classroom

Module 4 – Approaches to teaching language in the primary classroom

Module 5 – Managing the primary classroom

Module 6 – Planning language learning in the primary classroom

Module 7 – Resources for learning in the primary classroom

Module 8 – Assessing language learning in the primary context

Module 9 – Language awareness for teaching



  • Progress tests (online)
  • Practical portfolio tasks throughout the course
  • Assessed Teaching Practices (both formative and summative)
  • Written assessment (80 minutes M1 TKT exam)
  • Teaching methodology
  • Teaching practice

 Recommended Resource Material:

Resource material will be provided by Cambridge, through an online portal, during the course.

For further references see the list below:

Teaching Methodology:

1- Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Jack C. Richards and Theodore S. Rodgers- Cambridge University Press.

2- How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer- Longman ELT.

3- The Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer-Pearson International

4- Teaching by Principles by H. Douglas Brown and Heekyeong Lee- Pearson International

Grammar Reference

5- Practical English Usage by Michael Swan- Oxford University Press.

6- Grammar Practice Activities by Penny Ur- Cambridge University Press.

Awarding Body:

After successful completion of the course you will get two certificates from Cambridge Assessment English at the levels of Pass or Pass with Merit

About Cambridge:

Cambridge Assessment English is part of University of Cambridge (UK). It is ranked amongst the top 10 universities of the world as per QS World Ranking – followed by HEC Pakistan and International education community.

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