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Cambridge English: First (FCE)


Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Accepted for student visa for Ireland and New Zealand

A Cambridge English: First (FCE) qualification proves you have the language capabilities to study courses taught in English or independently work and live in an English-speaking country.

The exam is also acceptable for study visa in Irish and New Zealand Educational Institutes.

Key Facts

CEFR level:




Format of test:

Computer based

Number of papers:


Exam duration:

3.5 hours approx.


FCE shows that you are capable of:

  • effective face-to-face communication, opinions expressions or arguments presentation
  • follow the news
  • writing detailed and clear English, expressing and explaining opinions or pros and cons of different points of view
  • writing stories, letters, reports and other types of information or text.

Why to choose FCE:

  • Accepted for student visa for Ireland and New Zealand
  • Accepted for entry to pre-sessional/pathways/foundation courses in English-speaking countries.
  • Accepted for admission in undergrad programs taught in English in non-English-speaking countries.

Schedule of FCE exams in  2017

FCE exam is conducted at ICD centers every month. Its dates are below for 2017

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Timetabling Details

Exam Date

Certificate Dispatch

January UF

Thu 5 Jan

Sat 31 Dec

Sat 14 Jan

Mon 13 Feb

February UF

Thu 9 Feb

Sat 4 Feb

Sat 18 Feb

Mon 20 Mar

March UF

Thu 8 Mar

Sat 4 Mar

Sat 18 Mar

Tue 18 Apr

April UF

Fri 30 Mar

Tue 28 Mar

Tue 11 Apr

Mon 15 May

May UF

Thu 11 May

Sat 6 May

Sat 20 May

Mon 19 Jun

June UF1

Tue 30 May

Thu 25 May

Thu 8 Jun

Thu 6 Jul

June UF2

Thu 1 Jun

Sat 27 May

Sat 10 Jun

Mon 10 Jul

July UF

Thu 29 Jun

Sat 24 Jun

Sat 8 Jul

Mon 7 Aug

August UF

Wed 26 Jul

Fri 21 Jul

Fri 4 Aug

Mon 4 Sep

September UF

Wed 13 Sep

Fri 8 Sep

Fri 22 Sep

Mon 23 Oct

October UF

Thu 5 Oct

Sat 30 Sep

Sat 14 Oct

Mon 13 Nov

November UF

Wed 15 Nov

Fri 10 Nov

Fri 24 Nov

Mon 25 Dec

December UF

Thu 3 Nov

Sat 18 Nov

Sat 2 Dec

Mon 8 Jan